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New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom

  • Photo by Lyndsey Garber
  • Photo by NM Department of Agriculture
  • Photo by NM Department of Agriculture
  • Photo by Jay Hill
  • Photo by NM Department of Agriculture
  • Photo by Lyndsey Garber

"AG"mazing Web Resources

We realize that teachers don't have much time to hunt for resources. Hopefully, these links will help you find any information you may need and provide useful resources that supplement your current curriculum. Please choose from the subjects below.

Agricultural Related Resources

There are a wide variety of educational websites focusing on agriculture. In our Agriculture Resources page you will find information about the National Ag in the Classroom which will give you access to amazing resources nationwide. You will also find sites about New Mexico Agriculture, community service projects and national resources. In this section we also have great student resources and fun educational web quests!

Curriculum Areas

In this section you will find resources that are geared toward social studies, science, and nutrition. On this page you will find great ideas for science fairs and possible field trips!  There are also many virtual field trips available in this section so your classroom may explore the world with out leaving their seats!


This page is loaded with information on a wide variety of commodities grown here and abroad. You will find information about different foods including wheat, corn and chile peppers. There is also links to great websites linked to beef, sheep and dairy production. Ever wonder how our farmers grow peanuts? Check out the nuts section for more info on all of the nuts we gorw right here in New Mexico! Don't forget to check out the fiber section to learn about how wool and cotton is turned into the clothes we wear today!

Field Trip!

If you've ever wondered how the cheese makes it to your table or cotton is turned into clothing, Field Trip! will answer those questions! Learn about the many uses for everything from chile to peanuts, honey, pecans, pistachios and more! Each week we'll take you on an entertaining Field Trip! to look at the production of agricultural products from "seed to consumer."